Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt Training

Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt Training

In this role you will be normally part of a Six Sigma Management Team working to improve a business.
This is both introductory (Yellow Belt) and Intermediate (Green Belt) levels for Six Sigma, so, no prior knowledge is required.

You will learn key terminology and understand Six Sigma to a Management level. Demonstrate how Six Sigma can help various businesses, understand and identify common implementation issues, understanding customer importance in all industries, analyse data correctly to make informed decisions, and show how DMAIC can redefine a business structure.

This Online course comes with 12 month 24/7 access to course-ware, instructions and webinars to enable students to learn at their own pace online support given throughout by Qualified instructors

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or contact 021 – 4304398 or email us at e-learning@ipicsed.com for more information